How To Pick The Right Hair Straightener

Hair Straighteners – There are ton of them out there in the market. If you walk into a mall or even a Walgreens store, you see an entire aisle devoted to hair care, and at least a dozen different hair straightener models. On the internet, the story is even more complicated. This post on Yahoo Answers says it all. Everyone has a different opinion. In 10 minutes, you can run into at least a hundred different products that are in the market today, all claiming to be the best. So how do you pick your hair straightener? Many go purely on brand name, and it works out for one, but for many, beauty care products are a lot more than brand names.

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Here are five pointers to helping choose the right hair straightener:

1. Pick what’s right hair straightener for YOUR hair

Hair straighteners are like any other clothes. Some are better for thick hair, some for thin hair, some for curly hair, some for short, some for long, Etc. Often hair straightener brands try to sounds like a one-size-fits-all and do not specify these things too clearly since they don’t want to turn customers away. That doesn’t really work very well for you though. Try to read the fine print. Consult your friends and family with similar hair textures  about the ones they use. This article talks about hair straighteners for thck hair for example. Read more online. A little bit of research upfront can save you the hassle of trying multiple products before settling on your favorite. This good article on hair straighteners compares some brands and makes some great points. For short, thin hair, almost any hair straightener will do the trick. I would still stay away from the really cheap ones that do not offer enough protection for your hair from burns. For longer hair and for hair that’s really thick or curly, you will need to shell out some extra dollars.


Many women own multiple straighteners. One they use at home, one for travel, one for really straight hair, one for lesser straight hair, etc. That’s usually not a good use of your money and also ends up taking a lot of space on your dresser. if you keep portability in mind, you can often find something that is smaller in size and portable. These days, there are even ones that run on batter power but those are usually expensive.

3. Warranty

Hair straighteners don’t last very long. I’ve known ones that cost hundreds of dollars and then fail within months of use. The good brands come with a 1-3 year warranty. I would certainly buy the ones that have warranty and keep the receipt safely. Moreover, the ones that offer a warranty usually mean that the chance that the product actually lasts as long as the warranty claims is higher.

4. Time and Effort Involved

How much time do you want to spend on your hair? Read the instructions that come with the straightener. Most specify how long it should take to straighten. Read the storage instruction. How soon does it cool down? Does it come with a separate storage comparment? Most these days do not require additional storage parts.

Hair straighteners at our site are researched with all of the above points in mind and we take the time to bring the best from around the world. Your thoughts and comments are welcome!