Custom Products

Any customer wishing to fully evaluate the cost/performance advantages of our company products is encouraged to contact our Technical Hotline at 800-266-4421 ext. 299. Helix Medical, Inc. will gladly furnish interested parties with documentation, samples and the required technical support to assist in the qualification of our materials.

With our commitment to personal service and the unique backing of our material suppliers, Helix Medical, Inc. customers benefit from a high level of responsive and supportive technical assistance. All Helix Medical, Inc. medical injection molding products, whether made with Dow Corning, Wacker Silicones, General Electric Company or NuSil Technology materials, are backed by our promise to deliver the industry’s most dedicated technical support at 800-266-4421 ext. 299, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, Pacific Time.

We offer custom spooling of Silicone Tubing in sizes to enhance convenience in dispensing.

APEC. offers fully integrated design, tooling and engineering to take you from concept through production quickly, efficiently and economically. Working from your idea, sketch or drawings, our engineers use an advanced CAD system to develop the device or component that will precisely meet your design requirements.